If you are a computer equipment reseller with clients that demand a leasing alternative, this page is for you.

Reseller Partnership

We are always looking to work with new resellers.

The process is easy and does not require any time consuming documentation.

Although we offer leases direct to selected end users, we will not compete with our resellers.

How does leasing work for resellers?

We strive to make leasing easy for all parties.

Put simply you:

  • Liaise with your client to recommend appropriate equipment
  • Provide details of hardware and software component to us for quotation purposes
  • When client accepts, order and install the equipment as you normally would
  • Invoice us rather than your client for the hardware and software component
  • Assist the client to complete the leasing documentation
  • Collect the first lease payment
  • Ensure the client sets up the monthly automatic payment for the balance of the term
  • Invoice the client for on going support as you normally would.


  • Provide lease quotation promptly
  • Usually require three year on site warranty inclusions
  • Send client first lease invoice on equipment delivery
  • Pay you by 20th following month
  • Assist with hardware issues via manufacturer warranty backup support.

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